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Social responsibility

Assess and improve well-being at work
In 2015, Virbac conducted a new internal opinion survey for all Group employees. This inquiry takes place every two years using the same methodology and the same contractor. The survey covers 8 themes (my work, work environment, the management, the organisation, customer and quality, information and communication, development of human resources, the company) and there are specific questions on each theme. In 2015, of a total of 4,466 colleagues questioned, participation was 82% thus 3,675 respondents (vs 3,452 in 2013). The results at Group level remain high with an overall score of 46 on a scale of -100 to +100 (vs 47 in 2013). To the question: “Overall, I am happy to work with Virbac” the score is very positive (60).

Virbac's strong points as an employer, once again, were staff involvement and pride in their membership of the Group, their confidence in the future and their desire to pursue a career within the Group. All results are analysed by country and by management; the results were cascaded to all staff. Action plans have already been agreed and will be implemented during 2016. The theme “information and communication” shows a deterioration (+37 compared to +41 in 2013) and is a priority in 2016. Results for development of human resources remain identical to 2013, albeit with some geographical variations. The most improvement seen in social reporting is in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Germany and the United States.

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