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Evaluation of corruption risk
 In 2015, the Group continued with deployment of a risk management system by including a new affiliate: New Zealand. The maps of the Group's major risks and of the Australian affiliate were updated. In 2015, the Group also distributed a code of conduct published in 16 languages and communicated to every employee worldwide. Virbac's code of conduct describes, in particular, the rules to observe in the fight against corruption and gives an internal email address so that employees may confidentially contact legal counsel when they are witness to behaviour that does not respect these rules. Training carried out in the framework of deployment of the code of conduct, or more specifically on the subject of the anti-corruption campaign, are also a chance to evaluate, informally and in collaboration with the operations teams, the risks of corruption with which Virbac may be confronted (see indicator G4-SO4 below).
Communication and training on anti-corruption campaign policies and procedures
In 2014 and 2015, specific training on the risks of corruption was given to numerous managers and directors: general directors of the European affiliates, financial directors of the Latin American and APISA areas, main managers of the Indian and Uruguayan affiliates. In 2015, a dedicated training was also organised with all employees at the Virbac Chinese affiliate. To complement these efforts, the training carried out from July 2015 as part of the deployment of the code of conduct, provided the opportunity to discuss the risks of corruption with a large number of employees and to recall the rules in force in the anti-corruption field. This training involved four affiliates in the APISA area, two affiliates in the Latin American area, the regional APISA team and also some new international recruits in key posts.
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